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I am committed to creating a movement that reflects the diversity of our society and utterly stands against racism, sexism, antisemitism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, and all forms of discrimination.


I want the opportunity to work with you. Please vote for me to be your Welsh Young Labour Representative and together we can stand up for Welsh Labour.

Nominations are open now. To get my name on the ballot I need 20 nominations from Young Labour members who live in Wales. You need to be a continuous member of the Labour Party for 12 months. It is really easy to nominate. Click on the Young Labour Wales Representative tab and add my details, either my email (jackwdunne@hotmail.com) or message me via twitter or instagram (@jackwdinne or @jackwdunne_) to nominate using my membership number!

Click on the link above to nominate.


My name is Jack Dunne and I am asking for your support to be the Welsh representative on the National Young Labour Committee.


I have a huge amount of experience in representing young members – among other roles I have been Chair of Swansea Labour Students and Trade Union Officer for Welsh Young Labour, as well as the Youth Officer for my CLP. 


As a committed socialist and trade unionist, I want to see young members in Wales lead the way in progressive policy making.


Voices from across Wales should be heard throughout Labour, and I firmly believe that the successes of Welsh Labour become the successes of UK Labour. 


I know how difficult it can be to set up new Young Labour groups, and want to ensure that Welsh members have the support and guidance to organise Young Labour groups and events.

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